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Explore AP

Explore AP



IB Diploma Program

IB Diploma students continue to outperform their peers and are more prepared for college and career!

IB DP infographic 2015


The IB Program and College

Check out this article on the impact the IB program has on low-income and minority students post-secondary enrollment. Students of all backgrounds are more likely to go to college right out of high school having been a part of the IB.

Increasing access to the IB for low-income and minority students



Panther U. Coming Soon

Check out the logo and promo video for Panther U. See the Panther U. page for details!


pantherU-final (1)



Back-to-School Night Presentations

Back-to-School Night Presentation

Back-to-School Night Presentation in Spanish




IB Diploma Presentation-2015

IB Diploma Presentation

IB and College Success

IB and College Success

UPDATED May 2015 AP/IB Exam Schedule

APIBTestingScheduleMay2015 (2)-page0001

APIBTestingScheduleMay2015 (2)-page0002


8th Grade Orientation Presentation

Please click on the following link to access the presentation:

8th Grade and New Student Presentation-2015

Please email Mr. Pink with questions:



Fed 2014-15 Income Eligibility Guidelines

If you are in need of a fee waiver for this year’s AP tests, please see the following eligibility guidelines:

Fed 2014-15 Income Eligibility Guidelines

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