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Q: How do I find out how my student is doing in an Honors class?

A: Sign up for Parent Portal to view student progress, and contact teachers on a regular basis by e-mail for updates on how things are going.

Q: Can my student participate in athletics, performing arts and other activities while being enrolled in Honors classes?

A: YES! Most of the Honors,  AP and IB students at VHS are involved in other activities on campus including sports, band, drama, choir,  ASB, clubs and more. Most students report that being involved actually improves their time management skills. Work with your student on organizational skills and study habits, provide a quiet and supportive study environment at home, and listen to your student when they need to vent.

Q: If my student is struggling, how can they get additional help?

A: Students should take advantage of academic extension to get additional help. The VHS Library and computer labs are open until 5:00pm every day for student use. Communicate with teachers!

Q: Is it better for my student to get an “A” in a college prep classes or a “B” in Honors classes?

A: Colleges and universities expect to see that all applicants take the most rigorous course offerings available at the student’s high school (yes, they know what each school offers).

Q: How do we decide how many Honors classes to enroll my student in? How much is too much?

A: Each student is different. We suggest taking the most rigorous course load possible for your student’s abilities, drive and balance of “life” itself. Students can drop from Honors classes at semester if things are too difficult.

Q: What is better – to be Full-IB, or to take as many IB and AP classes as possible?

A: This is a terrific question! For some students the path to being a Full-IB Diploma student is the best route for them. The reasons may be because the universities they are applying to, or the majors they are seeking, may allow them more advanced status. Some students do it because of the sense of pride and honor for completing such a rigorous and meaningful program. Some students choose to just take as many AP & IB classes as possible because that is right for them!

Q: What does an IB/AP student look like? Is this for me?

A: IB/AP students are as diverse as the student body at VHS! IB/AP students are not just scholars, but they are also athletes, band members, actors, artists, pageantry members, choir members, ASB officers, former ELD students, RSP students, club officers, Boy/Girl Scouts, leaders within their church, Character Leaders. They also encompass all racial/ethnic groups and socio-economic statuses on campus!


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